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There are several spring meets currently running, now about 15. This a great time to pick one track to follow completely; how about Tampa Bay or Oaklawn? Click here for this and other current racing news.

Want a special card? Click here and give me the particulars when you order. Always guaranteed at least 3 winners.

 Betting on horse racing is comparable to making bets when playing poker online. When betting on horse racing you have to factor in many things - the horses, the race course, the jockeys, race conditions etc. When playing poker you factor in your opponents, your position, the structure, the cards etc. In both you are calculating odds and need to determine how to get the best value for your bets.
Check out the Grand National 2015 and other betting choices here. We cover most of the major races in the North America with much of the current info on the News page.

Want online horse racing information on the go? On your smart phone browser, just type in m.bobbyzen.com and you're off to the races! 
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Take a look at Horse Betting Insider for betting on the biggest horse races of the year. Millions of people take part in off track betting in USA and continues to grow every year.
The prep races for Kentucky Derby 2015 are wrapping up soon. There have been 30 of them so far, with just a few to go. There are 51 horses with points, but only 20 will make the gate. See the entire slate, plus other info here at Kentucky Derby site. Check our News page for weekly stakes schedule for all tracks.
HEY! Want a free Bobby Z 2015 calendar? Send me your snail mail address and I'll send you one.
Kentucky Derby 2015 is approaching fast and now's the time to start doing your research. If you want to bet on Kentucky Derby 2015, then DerbyCraze.com has a betting section that has info on different types of bets offered.