you are going to bet and stick to it.
Incisive – Clear and sharp decisions that are made and supported by research.
Fortitude – Having the strength and patience to follow your system and plan, possibly waiting several races and even days before finding a great wager.
Impersonal – The Pro manages money as part of the business, having confidence that his plan will make money over the long haul.
Poise – Maintaining composure during the streaks that always come, whether winning or losing, they can throw you way off your game. 
You must be able to look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘Which of these things do I do well?’ Grade yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, and start working on the weak spots. 
Now, let’s get down to the harder part of winning at the races, which is how to handicap and find the potential winners or top runners in a race. There are many ways to do this, and we will give a short list of some of the factors commonly used. 
Speed ratings – Depending on where you get your racing information, these come in many forms. Their use is similar in that you are looking for numbers higher than most of the other runners, or numbers getting better with each race.
Class – Measured in various ways; purse money won, types of races won (or ran well in), some information suppliers even offer you class ratings. Again, look for better numbers compared to other runners. 
Condition – Racing condition of the horse; has he had a recent race? Does he have good workouts? When do his best races show in his form cycle?
Jockey – Does his jockey have a good win percentage? Has he ridden this horse well in the past? Does the jockey do well in this type of race (turf, dirt, sprint, route, jump, etc.)
Trainer – Look for statistics on the trainer as well. Does he have a good win percentage? Has he done well with this horse in the past? Does it appear the horse is entered in the right type of race to be competitive? 
There can be many other factors to consider as well. Does the horse win more (or less) at this track than others? Does he win more (or less) at this distance? Does there appear to be a track bias (favoring certain post positions or run styles)? Does the horse have a head-to-head advantage over other runners (has beaten them before)? Is the horse coming off an extended layoff? 
This list can go on quite long, depending on who is trying to work out the winner, and what the style is. There are also many services you can use to get your picks from, also. Find out what works best for you and have fun!

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